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I would like to purchase any of the following Repunched Mintmarks....


1915-D RPM-002 south

1916-S 1MM-001 CC only

1918-D RPM-002 north

1930-S RPM-006 east

1941-D RPM-009

1943-D RPM-005, 013, 014, 018, 020

1943-S RPM-002, 004, 005, 008

1944-S RPM-008

1945-S RPM-019, 024, 026

1946-D RPM-008

1946-S RPM-018, 042

1947-S RPM-008

1950-S RPM-017

1951-S RPM-012

1952-D RPM-013

1953-S RPM-021

1954-S RPM-015

1955-D RPM-014

1957-D RPM-018

1959-D RPM-016, 021

1960-D RPM-089, 094

1961-D RPM-054

1963-D RPM-007

1964-D RPM-018

1969-D RPM-006, 007

1969-S RPM-004, 005(PR)

1970-D RPM-004, 005, 007, 008

1970-S RPM-005(PR), 006(PR), 007, 008(PR)

1971-D RPM-001, 003(REP), 004, 005, 006, 009

1971-S RPM-005(PR), 006(PR), 007(PR), 010(PR), 011, 012(PR)

1972-D RPM-002, 004, 007, 009

1972-S RPM-002(PR), 003(PR)

1973-D RPM-002

1973-S RPM-001(PR)

1975-D RPM-001

1981-D RPM-001

1983-D RPM-002

1983-S 1MM-001(PF) CC only

1984-D RPM-001

1985-D RPM-004, 007, 009

1986-D RPM-010, 013 (4,5,6 unassigned)

1987-D RPM-012 (9,10,11 unassigned)

1988-D RPM-008

1989-D RPM-007 (8 unassigned)


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